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Plants for sunlight only.

I just checked a tank that I maintain. I have just spawned some
P.zebra(reds) cichilds in this tank! 
This tank has only sunlight for lighting. I have mainly Crypt aponogetifolia
and java moss.
There is no CO2 added. I had vals in there before. There are some other
crypts also. C.affinis has been added finally and some wendtii is doing
well. Java fern did so-so and was removed. Bolbitis had even less a go at
Watersprite, and many floating plants will do very well. I used Chinese
algae eaters for algae control. I do a water change about once every 3-4
months. I add plant tabs to the gravel once every 2-3 months. This tank just
doesn't need much else except for cleaning some Green spot algae off the
glass every 2-4 weeks. Plants are doing well but slow. The aponogetifolia
has grown to 26 inches tall. Fish are breeding. Tank looks good. I did add
some K2SO4 today also. 
The C. aponogetifolia and the affinis are great for no CO2. If you want CO2
and add more sunlight you'll have more plants to chose from but there is
more of a chance of things going out of balance too. 
The plants all have been grown in sunlight before we got a hold of
things<G>! It's just a balancing act after this for the small closed systems
we keep. Careful what you add. Sunlight is hard to control. I prefer
limiting things somewhat so there isn't a fast growth cycle. This gives a
cushion of error. Adding CO2 and all the higher tech stuff will cause some
headaches to something like sunlight for a lighting source. What if it's
very cloudy for several days or the season changes from 8 hrs a day to 12
hrs a day? It can be done but...............
Balance is a great thing once achieved. 
Do you want to drive 100mph or 20 mph? If you wreck, which speed would you
rather be in? At 20 mph it will take longer but safer. Same goes for plant
tanks if things get out of balance<G>!

I'm not certain this is the answer you might be looking for but should give
a starting point.
Aleast I don't have to ever change the bulb or try to argue if it is more
efficent than other lights with sunlight!

Tom Barr