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Kelly Beard's: Chloramine, Omni brand cartridge, Water Quality

>I had a bad experience with one of those carbon block units meant for
>home filtration.  I bought the best Omni CB-3 carbon cartridge,
>installed it in my RO unit and promptly killed a neon and stressed other
>fish because of the ample amounts of chlorine being dumped on them.  I
>know the cartridge fit tight in the canister, so no water should've
>gotten around it, yet chlorine was in the water.
>I later bought a chlorine test kit and the correct cartridges for my RO
>unit.  Zero chlorine and the cartridges I bought were a lot cheaper than
>that CB-3.

	I agree. I once bought Omni brand canister (I'll bet you bought the twin
pack) for my counter-top AMETEK filter and noticed immediate stress in my
mollies and guppies. By the time I could take action I lost 4 of 15 fish.
This cartridge sucks! Thankfully, there are several other brands from which
to choose. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand name I usually buy
(need to change them so infrequently) But I do remember the Omni-brand
because I still have its twin unused gathering dust.
	I don't have/need a chloramine test kit to tell me the Omni brand
sucks-bananas...I just tasted the "filtered" water it puts out and I could
sense the presence of that liquid menace. My current compliment of
canaries..err..fish are: Mollies (Blk Lyre-tail, Sail-fin), Fancy Guppies,
Albino Dwarf cichlids, SAEs, Otos, Lyre-tail Swords. My wild tanks consists
of fish I catch in local canals; Bass 2-4"(Peacock, Large mouth, Warmouth),
Jewell cichlids, Killies, Gobi's, Plecos. 
	With respect to Tom Barr, a 20% chloramine tap change DID destroy a tank
of plants...Vallesnaria. From posted answers it is now clear there is great
variation in chloramine additions across municipalities and even within one
municipality overtime.  The only survivor was an E. colifolius and the
tanks only bunch of Bacopa. But I think it is safe to assume that any fast
growing plant species would be damaged by chloramine. What is insidious is
the length of time it takes for the damage to be self-evident...several
days. The leaves turn brown and die. No fish were present in that tank.

~David Boukmn.