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Laurence Aurbach's Chloramine & Water Quality

>I'm  designing my tank water maintenance system, and I'd like to find
>out how effective those standard carbon block filters from Home Depot
>are at removing chloramines in a single pass. Can anyone hazard a guess?
>Laurence Aurbach Jr.
>ljaurbach at erols_com

	I use an inexpensive Kleen-plus CTR-210 countertop water filter ($24.00)
with an ordinary carbon cartridge ($12.00) and I avoid chloramine and
chemical dechlorinators altogether. Unlike overpriced R.O. filters, I can
usually squeeze 1,500-2,000 gal out of decent carbon filter before the fish
start showing stress (cartridge is rated at 99% chloramine removal per
1,000 gal).  It also will not strip micronutrients from the water. This
cheap cost of chloramine free water, allows me to avoid chemical
dechlorinators which will slowly release chlorine and ammonia back into
solution with time. 
	The R.O. enthusiasts hate to hear this, but for the most part we grow
PLANTS not discus! If you use fish the same way miners use canaries, then
an R.O. is a financial waste. Given time practically all plants will adapt
to wide water quality ranges and given time, the plants themselves will
change their water quality to suit their own survival needs.  
~David Boukmn.