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Re: good algaes

On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Ed Street wrote:
> With all the recent discussions that I started about good algae's would it
> be possible if anyone out there wanted to trade/sell any of the good
> algaes??

Karen Randall has posted before about difficulties in trying to transplant
algaes.  They seem to be adapted to very specific conditions, and won't
thrive otherwise.

In addition, most algaes seem to be pretty frail. Probably a few days
darkness plus the other rigors of mailing will kill many algaes.  I
haven't even had much success (or problems, depending on your point of
view) with algaes transported between two tanks in a room.

Maybe someone who lives in your immediate area could give you something
that you could get home without its dying.  A better bet may be to go to a
nearby water course or pond and collect algae there.  You should be able
to find a variety of algaes that you can pick from.  For attached algaes
you probably want to bring along whatever they're attached to.  Transfer
those to a container and see what you can get to grow.  If some of it
looks worthwhile then try to move it into more permanent quarters.

Roger Miller