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Re:: bacteria in saltwater tanks

>From: "Le Minh Tran" <ldtran at worldnet_att.net>
>Subject: bacteria in saltwater tanks
>Hi list,
>I apologize if this question may be inappropriate.  I have a freshwater
>with plants and gravel and an overflow filter.  If I were to change the
>to a saltwater tank, and use the same filter, what bacteria will die?  What
>bacteria will live?  I assuming that some bacteria or all die (due to
>in salinity), does the tank need a period of time to cycle like a
>Thanks in advance.
>Le Minh Tran

As far as the nitrifying bacteria, all of it will die. The freshwater and
saltwater bacteria are different so the tank will have to cycle. Are you
setting-up a reef tank or a FO. I have had reef tanks that have cycled very
quickly with good quality live rock and sand, that is usually the exception.

Paul K
paulk at vci_net