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Re: Chloramine

James Purchase writes:

<snip> I'm
>  almost certain that they use chloramine to treat the source water, with the
>  levels rising in summer to "smelly" proportions (sometimes the tap water
>  smells like a swimming pool).

I'd can't say that I know, but I doubt that chloramine smells like a swimming 
pool.  That swimming pool smell is caused by chlorine gassing off.  Since 
Wright pointed out that it takes weeks for chloramine to break down and gas 
off, it is probably straight chlorine.  Instead of guess which you have, why 
not call the local water authority and find out?  I personally think it's 
unwise to treat with cheicals you don't need for problems you don't have.

When I lived in Buffalo, we had the same problem and the same summer-time 
smell, except the syanobacter odor could still be detected over the chlorine. 
 They used regular chlorine then, so Toronto may be as well.

Bob Dixon