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Re: black Flourite

James Purchase wrote:
<<<What magazine are the
ads in - I have the latest issues of both FAMA and AFM and I can't find

I saw the ad in either FAMA or TFH, not sure which, so based on you not
finding it, I'd say it must have been TFH.  Ah, I remember it was in the
magazine that has the "Ask Jack" discus column in it. (I can never keep
those two magazines straight.)  There was another interesting article in
that magazine about Anubias.  Not particularly informative, but interesting
none the less.  The author proclaimed Anubias to be *the* hardiest of
aquatic plants(or at least implied it).

Anyway, I guess nobody on the list has actually *seen* the black Flourite
yet?  I'm just wondering if it is the same price, and if its qualities are
exactly the same as the original Flourite?

Dave Engle
Escondido (San Diego) California