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Re: Amano tanks etc.

Hi everyone:

The question was made whether Amano style tanks are available to us.  The
answer is that the Amano line probably is.  If there is sufficient interest,
I'm sure ADA wouldn't mind selling direct.  However, bear in mind the

Amano line of tanks:

1. Cube Garden tanks are made from one piece of optically clear glass and
are made to order.  These tanks are for the person that wants to have an
exquisite tank and can afford to pay for it.  Cost in the US is around $350
for about a 3 gallon cube to about $2,000 for a 15 gallon.

2.  Wild Glass series are frameless tanks made in Germany by Hans Wild (I
believe) for ADA.  They are less expensive ranging from $40 - $350.  An
example can be found at Something's Fishy in North Miami.

Lastly, although I'm breaking the rules a bit, just to let everyone know, I
will be placing my 3 gallon cube garden on auction at Ebay once I get a
picture of it.  So if anyone is interested...


Art Giacosa