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Re: Chloramine/hair algae

Bob Dixon wrote...

>Chloramine breaks itself down.  Again, at concentrations that it is in your 
>tap water, you can do a 20% change, and it will not hurt the fish (or the 
>filter bacteria).  It will breakdown and dissipate before 24 hours has gone.  
>Ask someone who owns a swimming pool how much chlorine he/she goes through, 
>just because it dissipates out.
>Bob Dixon

Am I correct in assuming that you meant chlorine and not chloramine?

Re: hair algae and rosy barbs

Roger Gordon spoke of A. splendens and rosy barbs commenting that
the latter had to be starved to be persuaded to eat the algae.

I have found rosy barbs to be the superior hair algae feeders even
when well fed. Ameca splendens definitely do have to be deprived
of flake. They seem to be light eaters. I've seen them nibble at
green spot algae, but not at cyanobacteria. My recommendation
would be to stick with the barbs.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca