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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1151- Cyanobacteria

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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 09:24:57 -0400
From: Alok Chaudhari <chaudhari.6 at osu_edu>
Subject: Cyanobacteria

	I seem to have a really bad case of cyano. I have read discussion
about using circulation, erythromycin, darkness, witchcraft, among other
things to get rid of the stuff. The most possible explanation for the
outbreak is what some people have discussed, nutrient starved tanks can
have bad outbreaks. I use reclaimed RO for water changes (25% weekly). The
tank is a 180. There is about 5 mg/l NO3 and no detectable PO4. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[Dana D.] I have a heavily planted 220g in which I experience similar 
problems when I neglect the DIY CO2 (3 x 3L bottles). I get great plant
while the CO2 is maintained with no cyano whatsoever. 
My 135g has no CO2 (experimental tank) and I constantly battle cyano when 
I crank the lights past 1W/g. I fertilize with Aquatic Plant Stimulate
liquid and 
use Jobe's sticks and Aquar Pharm Plant Tabs for the roots.

Tank/water parameters:

220g: pH 7.8, low levels of phosphates, 0 nitrates, 76-78F, 180W
         wet/dry filter, DIY CO2, plain small gravel (2-4mm). 
         Plants - Val, Crypts Wendtii & balansae & bronze, Java fern,
         huge Apon. Boivin., large Echinodorus 'Rose', Mexican Oak, 
         assorted apons, and assorted Anubias. Fish - 10 cardinals, 12
         tetras, 4 corys, 6 CAE (SAEs are scarce around here), 2 Otos, 2
         1 clown pleco.

135g: pH 7.8, low levels of phosphates, 0 nitrates, 76-78F, 180W Chroma50, 
         No CO2, eheim canister, larger gravel (1/4 - 5/16 inch). 
         Plants - Val, Mexican Oak, Jave Fern, Hygro Polysperma (low growing
         Fish - 2 lg marble veil angels, 5 CAE [Oscar and shovelnose moved
out several weeks ago]

Seems to me the CO2 makes all the difference, most plants grow pitifully or
perish outright 
in my water conditions without it.

Dana Daugherty
Morristown TN