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Re: Bent GLASS

I think silicon in butt joints should be fine but instead of the loose
fitting wood frame that you mentioned the first time around, how about a
tight fitting one? How about having the frame in two halves that can be
pulled together by some turnbuckle type system so that they can be quite
tight fitting? Or how about a couple of tight fitting steel belts inside the
wood frame?
How long was the tank going to be again? And how high? You'll probably want
a couple of cross braces across the top.


>Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:01:47 -0500
>From: Tom.Wood at ci_austin.tx.us
>Funny how a question on one subject can generate a discussion of a
>completely different issue.  I'd already considered and rejected acrylic
>because of the size of the tank, and because, well, acrylic sucks as a tank
>material.  I've found a supplier who can make the 24 inch diameter half
>round out of glass, the question being how to treat the glass joint between
>the half round and the flat sides.