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RE: Gloss

>Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
>From: mark faulkner <fartmarkner at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Glossostigma  meltdown
>I recieved a shipment of Glossostigma (looked healthy upon arrival)
>from AZ Gardens three days ago and two days after planting all of the
>plants turned necrotic.  Some of the Gloss. stems were touching some
>Anubias nana leaves, turning them brown also.  My tank parameters:  55g
>cube (2x2x2), 250w MH 5500K, 79deg F, pH-6.7, KH-8deg, GH-6deg.  I'm
>thinking it might be due to shipment (it's probably pretty hot in AZ
>this time of year).  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any insight
>would be appreciated. 
>Thanks in advance.
>Mark Faulkner

     I think most folks have had the melt or brown out from getting some
Gloss from hydroponically grown sources or transplants. Once established it
should grow out with vigor especially considering the tank's parameters.
Make sure it's getting room and light. Later this isn't so much an issue as
it invades all over. You have plenty of light and CO2. Perhaps it was to
weak from the shipping to make the transition to a submersed tank? It's been
so hot lately things aren't shipping well. Some fish tend to uproot plants,
could this be an issue also?
  You mentioned it spread/attacked your Anubias nana. Was it at tip of the
leaf or ? Could it be a general water conditions/deficency/trace elements
issue? Anubias is a very tough plant so it takes some nasty stuff to rot it.
I've had the Gloss melt at first like you mentioned, but never had the
Anubias or other plants become infected with a water mold /fungus due to
this. I suppose it could happen but..........................if you suspect
this is the case.........................  
Cut off infected part of Anubias and dip in bleach or baking soda or salt
rinse and return to tank. Watch other plants closely. Do water change(s)
I hope some or any of this helps! Try to find a better source of Gloss(In
the Bay Area we toss the stuff out or give it away generally) Look for
fellow plant people/hobbyist/APD's for your next batch and wait till it's
cooler. Sounds like a great tank being a 2 ft cube with a 250watt MH over
Pic's please? 
Tom Barr