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fish dying?

 sae at arts_ubc.ca (Olga Betts) wrote:<<<<
Subject: fish dying???

Maybe some one has an answer. I suspect some new fish brought something bad
to my tank. I know... I know... I should quarantine fish... truth is I
never have. I don't have anything to quarantine them in... it's just not
practical. I've never had a problem before.

This is what happened. I bought 7 new cardinals and put them in the tank
(carefully) along with 4 Japonica shrimp. The next day one cardinal was
dead... I put it down to the usual stress. The next day 2 were dead. I
figured they were in a fragile state. However, the next day a rummy nose
tetra that I've had for 2 years died. A couple of days later another rummy
nose died. 4 more cardinals died. In between I did a water change, checked
water parameters... nothing strange. All fish look perfectly normal.(....).

Althouhj you have not seen any symptom at all, such fast and
fatal epidemic is quite typical of Ich or velvet, which often do
not cause the typical white spots on the skin.  If this is indeed the case,
the best remedy is a heat treatment, which however may not be 
tolerated by some of your fish. On the other side, if you do not eradicate 
the pathogen, you will have lots of fish die anyway. It's a tough choice.
See details on heat treatment at:

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com