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Re: Water Colored

>I have a 29 gallon with a power filter, double strip light (2 x 20 watt 
>bulbs).  I keep the water soft (proper pH 6.5).

[gasp] Proper pH is actually BAD, since it uses phosphates to lower the
pH(plus if you're water is too hard it won't do much anyway) - Phosphates
promote algae growth which is the reason most people stay away from this
product. But, I can relate because I use it in my 20G planted tank to keep
the pH around 6.5 for the plants and kribs. If you use CO2 injection(which
I do now) you probably don't need it.

> I changed my substrate a 
>week ago, from gravel to new gravel and laterite.  The water was very dark 
>yellow.  I thought it was coming from the new dark brown driftwood, purchased 
>over a month ago.  I soaked the driftwood for days and it bled.  Anyway, when 
>I changed the water last week, it was clear and the tank was so much 
>brighter.  Now, I noticed the water is darkening again.  I do use Florapride 
>by Tetra.  Is it the driftwood or the liquid fertilizer changing my water?
>If it is the wood, what can I do about it? 

I have a piece of driftwood that I bought about 6 months back and after
soaking it in a 5 gallon bucket(changing the water every couple days) for a
couple months and continuing to get a pretty bold amber color in the water,
I just about gave up on it. I finally said "screw it!" and put it in my
tank. With regular water changes it stopped fairly fast. Driftwood can be a
pain and I think there are better ways of preparing it but I didn't know of
them at the time. 

>Also, my crypts are not doing well since the change?  There has been a lot of 
>dead leaves and they are looking pretty thin.  Is there a reason for this?  
>They, as well as all my other plants (except swords) were doing fairly well.  
>I bought root tabs, for my sword problem (as advised here).  What should I do?

Well, if you're crypts aren't doing well, you're problem may lie elsewhere.
I have(and have had for a while) 2 different crypts(can't remember species)
in my tank with the slab of driftwood and they're doing fine. Good idea
about the root tabs for the swords. I have 3 amazon swords in my 20 gal and
noticed sluggish growth, plus the leaves that they did have had dark lines
on them and looked a little unhealthy. I added root tabs that were actually
meant for pond plants and they're doing MUCH better. I have also seen a
little better results with CO2 injection as well. Good luck.
Ryan Ingram