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Aquarium Cubes & SAEs

A few days ago someone  inquired about Amano style cube shaped tanks.  While 
at the LFS (Pet Kingdom, San Diego, California) today, I noticed a glass tank 
made by Island Aquariums which was a cube.  It was a 50 gallon tank priced at 
$109.95.  The notice on it seemed to indicate that they had a lot of 
different sizes of cube shaped tanks available.  I believe Island Aquariums, 
which is located in Los Angeles (?), has a website, but I cannot remember the 
URL at the moment.

Pet Kingdom still has about 15 real SAEs for sale as of 1 PM on Wednesday 
afternoon.  Price was $2.99 each less 15% for any fish bought on Wednesdays.  
Fountains in La Mesa had two real SAEs amongst their Flying Foxes, but they 
were much more expensive.

Roger Gordon
San Diego, California