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Re: Amazing tanks

> Amazing tanks!  I am puzzled though.  How can the water and fish stay in 
>  the tubes above the tank (in the Escher, King Arthur and Sentinel 
>  tanks)?  Is the tank top sealed tight?  If not, the only way I can see 
>  happening is that the tubes are in series with a pump.  But how would the 
>  fish get in there then?  Has anyone seen one of these tanks?

I've seen little ones at Petco, and they were common in the thirties, before 
we had pumps.  You lay the tank on its back and fill it as full as possible.  
This allows you to get all the air out of the tubes.  When you carefully 
stand the tank up, it becomes a sort of siphon.  As long as the air can't get 
in, atmospheric pressure keeps the water up there.  The column can be as much 
as 35 feet high at sea level, obviosly much less at higher elevations.

Bob Dixon