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Re: Glossostigma meltdown

Mark Wrote:  Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: mark faulkner <fartmarkner at yahoo_com>
Subject: Glossostigma  meltdown

I recieved a shipment of Glossostigma (looked healthy upon arrival)
from AZ Gardens three days ago and two days after planting all of the
plants turned necrotic.  Some of the Gloss. stems were touching some
Anubias nana leaves, turning them brown also.  My tank parameters:  55g
cube (2x2x2), 250w MH 5500K, 79deg F, pH-6.7, KH-8deg, GH-6deg.  I'm
thinking it might be due to shipment (it's probably pretty hot in AZ
this time of year).  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any insight
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Faulkner

Mark,  I ordered some glosso from AZgardens and it took a beating from the
heat during shipping.  What I did was rinse it well, and plant the whole
bunch as shipped to me into a well established tank (good light, CO2 etc..),
and waited for it to recover some.  A week later I pulled each bunch (lots
of decaying root material) cut the roots until there was no decay/rotting
material then meticulously planted each plant stem into the new tank's
substrate (probably 200+ stems, it took 2-4 hours!).  Make sure there is no
decaying roots or stems when you plant.  Three weeks later I now have a
30x20" cascading field of glosso !

I know glosso likes soft water, CO2 helps, and lots of light.  You have lots
of light and your CO2 looks more than adequate judging from the kH/pH tables
(this assumes you are not using phosphate-based buffers and your alkalinity
is predominately from carbonic acid), maybe your gH is too high. You did not
mention fertilizer(s) regime you are using.

Do you have another established tank you can experiment with.  Try mixing
some tap/distilled water to lower gH, add lots light and CO2 and see what
happens.  It would be a shame to see your glosso melt away!

Certainly there is lots of stuff in the archives about glosso, maybe you can
glean some info from there

Hope your glosso makes it!
Tom Brennan