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Canister Filters

Karen wrote: I know a lot of people like sump style filters for big tanks,
but I'm too scared of 135G of water on the floor (or even 30G for that
matter!)  Since I'm not overly concerned with filtration anyway, I'm going
to stick with
couple of canister filters.  Then all the water is contained.  The worst
problem you can have is letting them get clogged up!<g>

Karen, I have canister filters too. However, the _worst_ problem with them
is not letting them get clogged. Last June I came home to find that one of
my canister filter's return hoses had come loose - 110g of water on the oak
floors. BTW, my insurance (USAA) did not cover the damage caused by this
"leak" since it was not part of the plumbing system of my house. Something
to think about, eh? Since then, I have tightly fitted all of my filters'
hoses with hose clamps (from the hardware store).

Ken Guin