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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #778

Yes-thats right-#778-I'm cleaning out my mailbox (what a procrastinator).
I have a question though-isn't chloramine added to purify water? Wouldn't
tap water with chloramine hitting a biological filter kill it, rather than
the biological filter breaking it down?

>Dave writes:

> I have informed individuals that the (constant influs of fresh water 
>from the
>  tap) concept could be bad. How would one monitor and control the excess
>  ammonia, chlorine, etc from the tap water?
>The tap water in these systems is coming in at a rate of less than 10% of
>volume per day.  The amount of chlorine in this much water will dissipate
>enough that you won't ever have to worry about it.  Even in areas where
>tap water has very high Cl concentrations, you can do a 20% change, and
>will be gone before you wake up tomorrow.  Chloramines at this
>will also be broken down, and metabolized by either your plants or your
>biological filter.  RO and DI units before the water change system can
>also be
>used to reduce the hardness, and eliminate this problem completely.  One
>simple solution is to have the treated water run into a barrel, and use a
>pump in the barrel to pressurize the system, with the excess running back
>tothe barrel.

Bob Dixon

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