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fish dying???

Maybe some one has an answer. I suspect some new fish brought something bad
to my tank. I know... I know... I should quarantine fish... truth is I
never have. I don't have anything to quarantine them in... it's just not
practical. I've never had a problem before.

This is what happened. I bought 7 new cardinals and put them in the tank
(carefully) along with 4 Japonica shrimp. The next day one cardinal was
dead... I put it down to the usual stress. The next day 2 were dead. I
figured they were in a fragile state. However, the next day a rummy nose
tetra that I've had for 2 years died. A couple of days later another rummy
nose died. 4 more cardinals died. In between I did a water change, checked
water parameters... nothing strange. All fish look perfectly normal..
eating, swimming etc. Then yesterday when I came home I found one of my big
SAEs dead! All other fish, 4 cardinals, 4 rummy nose, 2 farleys, 4 corys, 1
gourami, 3 large SAEs, 4 ottos, 2 clown loaches, 2 rainbows all look and
act normal.

I did a water change though all water parameters test fine.
This morning one of the dwarf rainbows is dead. What's going on? What
sneaks up and kills fish with no symptoms? Should I medicate? But what for?
Could the shrimp be the problem?

perplexed in Vancouver