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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1148

>> From: "Bev" <bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au>
>> Subject: Starting again (sort of)

>> My plan is to simply up root all the plants and sort them out and then re
>> plant them as desired.
>> has anyone attemted this ? what are the results?
>> Algae blooms? what could I expect!?!?!?!?!?

Dave G. and I recently did this with his tank.  It looked great when I
left, how's it doing now, Dave?  I wouldn't expect many problems.  Healthy
plants put back in the same healthy conditions usually get right back do
doing what they do best - growing like weeds!<g>



Roger wrote:

>who was *very* happy to hear from the long-absent Charlie Bay and the
>recently missing Karen Randall.

Thanks, Roger, I'm glad to see Charley has rejoined us too!  I finally got
so hopelessly behind on APD, I gave up even trying to catch up, and just
jumped to the current day's postings.  (It didn't look like I missed all
tha much ;-)  Glad to be "back", though!



Tom Barr wrote:

>Your going to love it! Once you've worked on an open top tank it's hard to
>go back!

I do love the look.  I'm just a little concerned with evaporation rates
once the heat goes on this winter, as we keep our house quite cool.  I'm
going to run this tank cooler than I normally do to minimize evaporation.
I'm aiming at right around 72F  That will give me a full 10F differential
at night, but I don't dare go much lower than that.

>I had a Coralife 2x175 MH + 2x40watt FL's before and now have 2 white
>which I'm very happy with over a 90 gallon. The spread of light is better
>than I had expected.

I'm hoping the 2 175's will be enough, but since the tank has no support
bars, I can add a 3rd if I need to.  I figure I can just put the high light
plants closer to the lamps.  Another feature I'm having fun planning out is
a slightly recessed planting shelf just behind the tank.  So I can put lots
of house plants there overhanging the back of the tank to use any scattered

I know a lot of people like sump style filters for big tanks, but I'm too
scared of 135G of water on the floor (or even 30G for that matter!)  Since
I'm not overly concerned with filtration anyway, I'm going to stick with a
couple of canister filters.  Then all the water is contained.  The worst
problem you can have is letting them get clogged up!<g>