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Adam Weingarten  wrote:

>I'm about to set up a new 72 gallon tank and I was considering if it would
>make sense to heat the substrate in some way.  I don't like the idea of
>substrate heating cables because having live wires in my tank just doesn't
>seem like the safest thing in the world. Ihave read up on the udea of using
>a ugf with a heater in the uplift tubes to destibute the heat. I was
>confused about this alternative because I failed to see why the heat goes
>down into the subtrate instead of merely going out up the tube. 

The heat from the heater DOES go up the tube... in the form of warm water.
As the warm water rises, it is replaced from water from below, which in
turn draws water from the water column into the substrate.  It works just
like a chimney on a fire place.  If you don't have an updraft of warm air,
your house will fill with smoke.

This method does NOT warm the substrate beyond the general temperature of
the tank.  It just pervents stratification of COLD water in the
substrate... something that's very likely to happen in a tropical aquarium
in a cool room.