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Re: clean glass

"Christine M" wrote:
>Subject: Clean Glass

>It seems such a pity to have a hood packed full of full spectrum lighting
>and then lose so much of that light to dirty glass.


If your light hood covers the tank then I don't think you need a glass
cover. I have two tanks that are covered by a wooden hood containing
florescent tubes and I have no glass cover between. My small tanks have
glass covers because the lights sit on the covers. Are you using the glass
for any special reason? I can tell you that the florescent lights (assuming
you use them) will be fine without glass between them and the water. Again,
I assume they are properly grounded.

If you have to have the glass, use one of those products to remove water
films...like for showers etc. Rinse it off well afterwards... and DON'T
clean it while it's on the tank!.. of course. :)

in Vancouver