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MH lighting

Because of the talk about MH lighting, I thought I would chip in some
info on sources.  You might want to check out some of the hydroponic
gardening suppiers on the internet for MH lighting. They have some nice
looking pendants for considerably less than those offered by aquarium
product suppliers.  A couple that I have found are:  Harvest Moon
(www.hmoonhydro.com) and GTG (gtghydroponics.com).  I'm sure if you dig
a little deeper you can find better deals.  Also, Champion Lighting
had/has a sale on their MH lighting.  I got a 250w MH retrofit package
(remote ballast, 2X2 reflector, 5500K bulb) for $149.00. I think their
website is at www.championlighting.com.  A little legwork will save you
lots of cash.  

Mark Faulkner

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