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Re: Siphon During Power Outage

Steven T. Dixon wrote:

> Erik simply drilled a few small holes in the return pipe presumably an
> inch or two below the water line.  True, a very small amount of water
> will flow out those holes when the system is in normal operation.  But
> when the power goes out, as soon as the water level reaches those holes,
> air will rush in and break the siphon.  The next time I do maintenance
> on my tank I will drill a few small holes in that location as a backup
> to the check valve.

The amount of water getting out of the small holes depends on the
level of the main water out in the tank.  The lower the main out, the
more back pressure and more water will get out from the small holes.

A weird failure happened to me once with the small hole siphon break.
The main water out was blocked for some reason, and large amount of
water got out from the small hole.  This effectively made the small
hole a powerful water gun.  While most of the water was shooting inside
the tank, a significant amount of water was splashing out of the tank.
Lucky for me, I found that out after the tank lost only a few gallons
of water.

A 90 degree air line elbow attached to the small hole to redirect the
water downward will eliminate the possibility of the failure described

Louis Lin

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