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Re: Fertilizer poisoning?

> This seems unlikely to me, but my fish seem to have reacted to the addition 
> of Flourish's liquid iron. Most of the tetras gathered near the top in a way 
> I'd never seen them do before, panting. Even my big pleco, which never comes 
> to the top, was sprinting up for gulps of air every few minutes. The only 
> fish that seemed unaffected were the gouramis, which makes sense to me, as 
> they have the extra breathing chamber. I added the amount of iron to my 

I wonder about this.  The fact that tetras and the pleco are affected
leads me to ask this question.  Did you do a water change as well?  The
reason I ask is because this sounds like chlorine poisoning to me. 
Catfishes and tetras (maybe because of their small size) seem to be the
first fish affected by this.  I use re-constituted RO water in a trash
can for water changing, and found out a couple of months ago that the
carbon cartridge I bought (which was meant for a home filtering unit but
fitted the RO container perfectly) was not removing chlorine in the RO
unit.  So, one of the last times I did a water change I dumped a bunch
of chlorine on my fish.  I found this out by taking some of the RO water
to the LFS for testing.  Luckily only one lone neon bit the dust.

It's only a guess.

Kelly Beard