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Re: Ground Cover

> I'm looking for a plant suitable for a ground cover in the foreground of
> my tank (20 gal).  I've seen ideal plants that form a 'carpeted' affect
> in Amano's Tanks but I'm not sure of their names.  If anyone knows of a
> plant that fits these requirements, aswell as being moderately
> fast-growing and suitable for low light (1.5 watts/gallon), please reply
> to this message.
> Thanks in advance,
> Keely Bays

I had success with baby's tears (micranthemum micranthemoides). It did well
under 2 watt/gal, no CO2 and plain coarse gravel with a powerful UGF, hardly 
ideal for growing anything. Once I replanted it under the same light but with
all bells and whistles it performed like a weed. The only problem with
this plant as a ground cover is that it tends to grow upwards as well as
creeping on the bottom. So you need to prune it periodically if you want to
keep a "thin" carpet look. 

-Ivo Busko