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Re: Fertilizer Poisioning

Carla Thorn reports what might be a problem following her use of Flourish

I've used the product for at least a year and have never noticed my fish
displaying any symptoms of problems. That isn't to say that your problem is
unrelated to the product, just that it hasn't happened in _my_ tanks.

You say that you added the "recommended amount". Just exactly how much did
you add, and what is the NET volume of water in your tank? How often do you
add it and how is your maintenance otherwise? Have you done _anything_ else
different to your tank lately - has the temperature been unusually high in
your area (this is the summer, after all, and heat waves are very common
across North America)?

On the subject of test kits, you said:

> If I'd known this meant buying yet another test kit (for iron), I
> wouldn't have bought this product.

Sorry, but I don't buy this argument _at all_. Having easily available test
kits to help you monitor the conditions in your tank is a boon to the
hobbyist, not a hinderance. Seachem makes a relatively inexpensive Iron Test
Kit which will at least help you prevent overdosing your tank. Although,
with the type of Iron in Flourish Iron, overdosing should present few
problems as it is oxidized relatively quickly once in the tank (that's why
it is recommended to be added in small quantities frequently). Once your
have experience and know how your tank uses Iron, you can generally just
watch your plants to guide you in dosing. But having a test kit _never_

> While I'm on the topic, can anyone tell me
> exactly what Flourish tabs and Flourish liquid water conditioner are
> to do? I thought these were fertilizers, but the packaging says
> substrate/water "conditioners" only, whatever that means.

Seachem has a web-site which has lots of information concerning their
products (http://www.seachem.com/). Flourish Tabs are a substrate additive
that contains plant nutrients (the web-site has a guaranteed analysis
listed, I believe). Seachem Prime will neutralize chlorine/chloramine and
bond heavy metals, making tap water safe for use in your aquarium. Again,
more details should be available on Seachem's web-site.

> This board seems to
> swear by Flourish products, but I'm beginning to feel ripped off.

Some of us swear by them, others swear at them <g>. They are generally good
products, put out by a reputable company which is _very_ responsive to their
customers. The Doctors Morin (father and son) are good people.

> But then
> maybe that's because I haven't gotten to the point of  testing/calculating
> the exact composition of my water like so many experts do.

Perhaps the problem with your tank lays elsewhere...

James Purchase