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Re:Ground covers

I dont think there are any traditional ground covers that fall into the category of low
light, not to say that you might not be able to make something work...Amano mostly uses
Glossostigma, Riccia and Willow Moss, all of which I have found impossible to grow well,
and actually spread under anything but moderate to bright light, mostly bright!. I also
use lilaeopsis, tenellus, Four leaf clover and Dwarf Sag as foreground or carpeting
plants. Dwarf sag has been the easiest for me to grow, and lilaeopsis the most difficult.
I have tenellus growing in a ten gallon that has two 48" 40 watt flourescents hanging 6"
above it and another ten gallon tank that are end to end. I dont know if that is low
light, but its working... Low cryptocorynes would definetly work, but arent exactly the
carpeting plant you may be looking for.

Robert Paul H