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RE:Java ferns and low light

Jennifer said:
Tom Barr mentioned that if there is low light, then Roger might want to use
jave fern
on the driftwood.  My question is whether java fern is all that particular
bright light.  Can't you use java fern in any light?
   Yes, I forgot to mention that for the other folks. Roger knows the limits
of java ferns from what all he has written on this list and his experience!
MH's will bleach them some if too close. They are very flexible plants IMO. 
I like them for the lower light sections but they are under appreciated in
the higher lighted tanks by many(I'm guilty, but just a little<g>). 
    I really like Bolbitis and Riccia for the higher lighted areas for
attachments. They contrast very well for my works but are more maintenance.
Java fern is easier for me to prune than the Bolbitis. Most attached plants
can easily tolerated and grow in low light tanks fine but also in higher
lighted tanks too. They can handle lower light levels than most other
aquatic plants, I think most would agree to that.
Tom Barr