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Karen wrote:
 Again, I'll tell you how it works out.  As others
have mentioned, I have had terracing in my tanks in the past, and have
found that the rockwork gets in the way of the planting.  The people who
have said that without terracing, a tank is "just a bouquet" do not really
understand the technique of using plants of varying heights to achieve the
same look
I agree. This is a mark of a good "gardener" or pruner which is a great
skill and a techinque that a "master" should be able to do.  

 What I finally chose for my 6' tank (finally to
be fired up this week!!!) was two 175W MH pendants.  They ended up being as
cheap as any other option, and I thought it would be fun to play around
with an open top tank, since I haven't done that before.  
Your going to love it! Once you've worked on an open top tank it's hard to
go back!
I had a Coralife 2x175 MH + 2x40watt FL's before and now have 2 white
which I'm very happy with over a 90 gallon. The spread of light is better
than I had expected.