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6' tanks


I'd like to thank all of you who responded with input about my choice of
tanks.  It's wonderful :).

There were a few items I'd never considered, like the number and locations
of struts across the top of the tank.

Using multiple focal points does seem like a good way to handle the length
of a 6' or larger tank.  I've tried it in my 55 gallon tank as a means of
beating the poor depth-of-field problem.  There it didn't work so well,
but it might have been more a problem with execution than one of concept.

I love the directional effect from metal halide lights.  Also, the room
I'll be using has two 2'X4' sky lights over an area that's about 9 1/2
feet by 6 feet, so there's a lot of natural light.  A normal fluorescent
light hood will (during the day anyway) block a lot of natural light,
which encourages me to use an open top tank with MH lighting.  If cost
factors can work out, then I think I'll go with MH.

I like the dimensions of the larger 4' long tanks, and the additional
flexibility I'd get from using two 4' instead of one 6' tank is a
consideration.  My decision might sway on whether or not I can find just
the right bit of driftwood for my imagined layout.

What sort of MH lighting would you put over two 75 to 90 gallon tanks in
this setting, with bright natural light?

Roger Miller

who was *very* happy to hear from the long-absent Charlie Bay and the
recently missing Karen Randall.