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Re: Too many fish in a 29

>From: "Tony Minneboo" <fishingt at angelswest_com>
>Subject: Too many fish in a 29
>I know of some poor families where 3 generations live in a 1 bedroom
>apartment. They don't die either. Are they happy?
>Sorry BUD!


Sorry for the late reply.  I just came back from a 9-day vacation in 
Holland, where I failed to locate a good Dutch aquarium! (Didn't really try 
that hard though.  Had too many other things to see.  But I saw a lot of 
crappy saltwater aquariums.)

Anyway, I don't think you should knock my tank before you see it.  By one 
gallon, I meant 1 gallon of water.  It's actually larger, but is filled 
with gravel, rocks, driftwood and plants, with 1 gallon of space left for 
water.  The plants are doing well, and the 3 otos seem very happy.  They 
have lots of space to swim about, hide, or chase each other.  They seem 
very playful, and not restricted at all--a far cry from the cups the Bettas 
live in at the shops.

I monitor their environment almost daily, and everything seems perfect (no 
ammonia, no nitrate, etc.).  The plants seem happy, the fish seem 
happy.  What else can I ask for?  ;-)

BTW, have you seen the tiny 10x10x10cm aquaria in Amano's books?  Those are 
much smaller even.