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Photo Showcase

I second Jennifer Glover's motion that the photo contest is intended not
so much as a contest as a showcase of folks' interesting planted
aquariums.  We would have a few web pages to show folks that a lovely
planted aquarium is something we mortals can accomplish with a little
learning and effort.  Mostly, it would serve as a source of inspiration.
(The Amano hecklers among us would have to invent some new form of
criticism for these photos. Alternatively, they could adopt the 'fake
photograph' position.  See below.)

Why don't we eliminate individual "winners" and have "best of class"
groupings which will include a collection of pleasing entries in each
class (good photos of lovely aquariums; how's that for a rigorous
objective standard, folks?).  The 'truly competitive' can enter the next
triathlon in their local area, if this doesn't stir their competitive
juices sufficiently.  Please post your finishes on the APD, so we can
all know how you did.

And I was quite amused with George's epistle on doctoring photographs
the other day.  Think of how many times in recent years in the middle of
some debate on planted aquarium practices George has offered up that
"the proof is in the photographs!" followed by a reference to his lovely
web site.  (I should run the search engine on this phrase and actually
give you the answer to the question!  Steve P. probably knows the answer
off the top of his head. How does one photograph substrates anyway?  Ah,
but first, what is the color of water in a white bucket?)  

What a shame to learn that George has been frittering away his HP stock
options all these years hiring Pixar Productions to doctor up his
aquarium photos!  Actually, George has no aquariums at all, in case you
didn't know.  They are just doctored photographs of a uniform blue
background George keeps next to his train set in the basement of his
house.  George's next hat trick will be photos showing beautiful shafts
of natural sunlight dancing among the leaves of his cyberspace planted
aquariums (ala the scene from "A Bugs Life" where the Hoppers arrive at
the ant colony and after finding no food, pop holes in the roof of the
ant hill, revealing beautiful shafts of natural sunlight!).  <G> (I
suppose it really is necessary given George's April Fool posting this

I nominate George as the Chief Judge of the photo contest with a special
billet to hunt down and prosecute the perpetrators of fake photos!  No
doubt it will be a daunting task!  And while I'm at it, I nominate
George's whole web site in whatever category would be most appropriate.
How about all categories?

So Jenn, hopefully I've made enough politically incorrect statements to
draw the flame war a couple of thousand miles west!

Steve Dixon in San Francisco, where it got way too hot this weekend, but
still stayed below 90 degrees F.