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Starting again (sort of)

Hi all,
I Started my first 'plant tank' about 6 months ago and it is doing quite
well. I have learnt how to grow the plants and keep them healthy.

However when I first set the tank up I bought many boring common plants and
planted them with my then extremely limited knowledge of how they grew.

Now that I have slowly collected other species and have a tank crammed full
of healthy plants (mainly stems, anubias and some swords finaly!) I would
like to pull them all up and start again!.
The reason is that I want to get a better lay out happening.

My plan is to simply up root all the plants and sort them out and then re
plant them as desired.
What procedure should I follow, cutting roots, leaves please help!

has anyone attemted this ? what are the results?
Algae blooms? what could I expect!?!?!?!?!?

Thanks all.
Daniel Green.