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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1146

In a message dated 7/12/99 3:53:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< > I'm worried that if I go to a 6 foot long tank the length may squelchI 
 > advantage of having a nice depth of field.  My alternative would be to use
 > something like a 4-foot long, 90 gallon tank - or maybe 2 :).  Does anyone
 > want to sway my opinion?  How is lighting best arranged in a 6 foot long
 > tank?
 Roger- >>


I have a 6 foot by 18 inch 125 gallon tank.  I used the third Amano book and 
studied his pictures, then designed my tank.  I do wish that it was deeper, 
but the 72 inch length is really great.  I have divided the tank into thirds 
and aquascaped each third separately.  I  am on vacation so I don't have a 
picture to share, but if you will contact me off APD (rdotta7777 at aol_com) I 
will be happy to discuss further and send you a picture.  Briefly, I used 12 
pieces of dark, heavy  driftwood.  On the far right I used 7 pieces to create 
an overhanging arch that the fish can swim thru.  On the left, I used 5 
pieces to create a dense bogwood area.  And in the middle, I use only plants 
for definition.  It seems that no matter how big the tank is, I need one 
larger.  Although the next large tank will cost me a ton of money (alimony, 
lawyer fees, etc.)
	Just trying to change your mind on the tank size being a problem.  
Hope it worked.

Rich D'Ottavio