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Re: Aquascaping Contest

Hi folks,

I've just been querying the majordomo software managing the mailing list
which has been set up for the proposed aquascaping contest. I recognize
e-mail addresses from all over the United States, from two cities in Canada,
and a sole volunteer from South America. I _know_ that the APD membership is
more "International" than that - where are the folks from Europe and S.E.
Asia??? Do we have any folks from either Africa or Australia?

This contest will be open to everyone, regardless of where they live - I'd
really like to have some input from people who live in other hemispheres. If
you live outside of North America, and haven't yet volunteered, please think
about joining us in organizing the best darned aquascaping contest/showcase
ever held - it could be our Millenium Project!

The _active_ participation of as many people as possible is important to
make this work.Quit being a lurker - get involved!

To join in the discussions, send an email to majordomo@the krib.com and
place EITHER of the following lines in the BODY of your email message:

subscribe aga-contest


subscribe aga-contest-digest

Additionally, I would appreciate a separate email to me directly, giving
both your REAL name and the city in which you live, in order that I may keep
track of where everyone is from. I _promise_ that your identity won't be
passed to spammers trying to sell you swamp land in Florida...


James Purchase