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Wilting Giant Val

I keep a lot of giant val in my tank since it grows like a weed in my
outdoor tanks during the summer in Texas.   I raise my slower growing
species in plastic tubs inside the larger tanks, so the val wont
overgrow it.

My experience with giant val ndoors is that they  they need lots of
light or they turn brittle and yellow (wilting?).  I also plant mine
without disturbing the mud/loam root base.  Doing both of these steps
has given me a stable (but not fast growing) val thatch.

Thanks for the info on plecos.  Which vegetables are you recommending -
mine turn their noses up at lettuce and zucchini?  I have found plecos
wont bother some anubias species  and leave red crypts alone if there is
other green matter.  On the other hand, they will strip rotala.  I
rotate my swords outdoors for rejuvenation which helps (This may be
difficult if you are Holland).