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Re:Depth of field

Roger wrote:
>>I'm worried that if I go to a 6 foot long tank the length may squelchI the
advantage of having a nice depth of field.  My alternative would be to use
something like a 4-foot long, 90 gallon tank - or maybe 2 :).  Does anyone
want to sway my opinion?  How is lighting best arranged in a 6 foot long

I dont think this should be a concern. The extra length gives more room for variation, and exagerating various focal points. Depth of field can be established regardless of length, but the problem or challenge are the focal
points, or what draws the persons eye. If its too busy looking then it becomes cluttered and they eye isnt drawn to one particular area.  Does that make sense? I am not sure how well I am portraying this...
Lighting...well thats a whole discussion by itself. Flourescents give an even overhead light projection across the whole tank...spot lights, MH for primary, incadescent for accent, can direct light to desired areas, and leave
shadows in desired areas...the play of lights can have an interesting visual affect.

Robert Paul H.