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Re: various answers & question

>Each criteria is detailed in 2 to 9 points. So in total 63 points are
>It would cost me too much time to translate (from Dutch to French to English)
>the 63 points and to give you all the coefficients. Maybe a Dutch aquarist
>do it for you if necessary. Hugo, are you here?

>Stéphane André

No I'm overhere :) I think much of the points are too extensive to use in the
'web' competition but if necessary I can translate it. 

BTW if anyone fears that photo's might get edited and retouched for the 
competition, just don't award prices and do it for fun and sharing 
information and this problem will be practically non existent. 

A lurker wrote:

>6) Living with Plecos - I have 3 large (>14") plecos in my planted 135
>gallon.   Getting rid of them is not an option since my kids and wife
>are very fond of them.  They tend to shred the amazon leaves -  anyone
>have an idea on how to appease them so they will leave the amzons alone.

Feed a wide variety of vegetables, and/or get a different sword species. 
Apparently some taste good and some don't. 

Question time:

What can cause a giant val to melt? Mine is melting away fast. 
Water conditions are PH 7.3, GH 7, KH 4, change 30% weekly and add fertilizer.
There are some runners of which the smallest are unaffected, what is the
best time to cut them off ? 

Best regards,
The Netherlands
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