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Re: aquarium competition

>>What does that mean to our competition?  We have few acknowledged masters
of the aquarium art - none in the New World.  Here we have no-one to teach
us, to reward us or to pass harsh judgement on our work.  We have no
long-established rules of competition and no constraints on our style.

I want new Masters and I want to see a new and vibrant style.  I want to
see the art step to a new plane.  That is what we can get from a
competition.  Once a style is recognized and the Master's are known our
market place will keep the art alive.<<


I am just gratefull that you started this whole conversation! It is nice
sometimes to get away for a moment from the mechanics of aquatic gardening and
focus on the other facet of the hobby: artisitic display. What is interesting is
that there are no right or wrong ways: it is all a matter of personal creativity
and satisfaction. I presume for most of us this is what drew us to the hobby in
the first place. Few of us are scientists or botanists, but a beautiful aquascape
is something to behold!  I am surprised how quickly some people jumped on this,
but I think the competition will further enhance peoples interest in this and
perhaps some people will take it serious enough so that an american, (or
canadian! or any other country for that matter) "style" or standard will
devolop.  Abstract ideas are difficult to dictate or portray to others, but there
are mechanics to artistic expression or techniques which can be followed to
accomplish unique creativity. My hope is that more of these artistic mechanics
will come out of this competition and future discussions to inspire me with new
ideas. You dont need to be a Master to share ideas!

Robert Paul H.