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Mercury Vapour Lighting & Olga

Hi Olga,

"Interesting you should say this. I've always wished that we had Mercury
Vapour set-ups here.John talked as if they were wonderful lighting systems
and I admit they've
always looked pretty nice to me... as long as you can have an open top
tank. What's wrong with the Mercury Vapour? What don't you like about it?"

Olga, why would you want a MVP set-up ??? I have a very beautifully built
German pendant (3/4 round) that does a great job with focusing the light but
I have to put in it a 125 watt Mercury Vapour Bulb - what a waste of a good
looking & functional pendant. When I say I have to put the light in it, what
I really mean is that  175 Watt 6500K bulb set-ups are very thin on the
ground over here. I am certain John does not sell them. I can`t believe that
he would recommend this type of lighting in comparison with a good metal
halide set-up. My bulb is around the 4200K mark & this is one of the better
ones. It gives my tank a sort of yellowish hue. I`m sure the plants don`t
mind but I do !

"Can't get them except at great hassle and expense."

This is a good thing.

"Perhaps you could send MV set-ups here and I could ship you MH stuff??"

I would HAPPILY swap my rather expensive but good looking MVP set-up for a
decent 175 Watt MH set-up anyday.

Andy Moore  -  (andy at ascot_u-net.com)
Poulton-le-Fylde, Nr Blackpool
Lancashire. GB

Treasurer/BBb Tuba Player Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band
and Aquatic Plant/Discus collector