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MTS surfacing

Well I finally suceeded in keeping MTS...  I now have about 100 (just lost 
about 100-200 in breaking down my tanks to move them.) (I started with 4 
about two months ago.)  Now my question:  I thought that they were supposed 
to stay in the substraight most of the time... about 50-75% of mine stay up 
near the surface of the water no matter what time of day it is.  I have even 
tried turning up the oxygen content of the water (by angleing the powerhead 
a to severly distrub the surface, and by adding an second powerhead with the 
venturi valve open -all in addition to my normal outside power filter-)...  
Does any one know what would cause them to stay near the water surface and 
on the sides of the tank so much?
Daniel Boyer

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