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Planted Tank competition

Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 16:55:43 -0400
Jennifer Glover wrote:
I think that one thing that Stéphane is forgetting is the
intent of this
contest/sharing of tanks.  It wasn't intended (that I know
of) to be so meticulous
and competitive.  I guess if one wants to be a perfectionist
and specialize in a
specific type of tank, then those kinds of inspections are
necessary.  I was under
the impression that this was just a way of exploring
different kinds of aquascaping
ideas, with a reward for participation/having a nice tank.
More of a showcase with
different levels of tanks, rather than a strict competition.

I have to agree with Jenifer. I also thought this
"competition" was supposed to be for
the sharing of pictures and information of planted tanks.
Lets not make it so complicated that
no one wants to be bothered. Let's use the KISS principle.

I happen to disagree about this forum not being the place to
discuss this issue. Where else
since this is "the" list devoted to planted tanks. My .02.

Quakertown, PA