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RE: java moss in New York

From: "san7" <san7 at netzero_net>
>Subject: java moss in New York 

>Does anyone Know where I would be able to find java moss in New York.

I'll assume that you are in New York City.
I mostly shop in Queens since that's where I live and every LFS I've
been to sells java moss.
You can find aquarium stores in the yellow pages under pet stores.
Also, every Petland Discount I've been at carries java moss (90% of the
time).  You can find the closest store to you at:
Or check with PETCO.  To locate a store by zipcode or phone exchange got
to: http://petco.Know-Where.com/petco/
If you're in the City try:
28 West 8th Street (betw.5th & 6th, corner of McDougal)
NY, NY 10011
Tel: 212-529-4487.
Hope this helps

Johan Henckens
johan at mmdg_org