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Re: Dutch competition

I think that one thing that Stéphane is forgetting is the intent of this
contest/sharing of tanks.  It wasn't intended (that I know of) to be so meticulous
and competetive.  I guess if one wants to be a perfectionist and specialize in a
specific type of tank, then those kinds of inspections are necessary.  I was under
the impression that this was just a way of exploring different kinds of aquascaping
ideas, with a reward for participation/having a nice tank.  More of a showcase with
different levels of tanks, rather than a strict competition.  I know that a lot of
aquarists are very proud of their tanks and might want to do more than show them off,
but I don't think that the level of competition that Stéphane is alluding to is
possible with the broad geographic participation that James Purchase was trying to
encourage.  How could a tank in China be judged with a tank in Holland and one in
Ohio, USA?  It isn't possible.  Even if one were to try to do a regional contest of
that sort, it is only possible in places like Holland where planted tanks are more
concentrated geographically.  In the North American continent for example, there just
aren't enough tanks to make the travel time reasonable between different tanks.

As for faking pictures, there are bad people everywhere in the world.  What gain in
there in limiting our enjoyment of a hobby out of fear of bad people?  It goes back
to that paranoia thing, I guess.  I don't believe in jumping at every shadow, just in
case there is a boogie man.  If the picture of an aquarium looks good, then there
might be something to that layout.  The idea is being rewarded as much as the deed, I
guess.  The plants may not be maintainable in that layout, without a lot of work, but
then again Riccia was never meant to stay attached to a rock either.  What I am
trying to say is that a beautiful aquascape is beautiful whether or not it has been
set up for a month, a day, or a few years.

It would be nice to just see the nice pictures that are scattered about the web
gathered in one place.  Plus, this may get people who do not want to bother setting
up a web site to take pictures of their tanks and share it with the rest of the

I think I may get a few flames for these outrageous ideas, but I just don't want to
see a good idea for information sharing get nocked out over too much perfection.  The
more work something is, the less likely it will occur.  If someone wants to talk
about these contests, please limit it to the generous list provided by James
Purchase.  That is what it was designed for.  We should not be discussing this on the
APD, should we?  

Jennifer Glover
(in hot, sunny Waldorf, MD)