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qualified judges

>From: George Booth <booth at frii_com>

>I would have to ask who is qualified to judge such a competition. Are there
>any aquascaping experts in North America? Perhaps entry fees could be used
>to fly some experienced Dutch judges in for the judging.

Heck, George this could be asked of every competition of this kind in the
world. I used to show horses and cats in conformation classes. I have a
cousin that shows dogs. Anyone entering *those* competitions can tell you
there are "unqualified" judges. How about figure skating...ever watched
that judging? One knows when one enters this kind of thing that it can be
very subjective. A panel of judges has to be picked and one hopes they are
as fair as possible. What is one person's masterpiece is another person's
mess... nothing we can do about that... which is why there is usually more
than one judge for these kind of things. I would expect your tanks to win
over mine.. but hey, I'm "unqualified" maybe a "qualified" judge wouldn't
see it that way. <g>

in Vancouver