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Mercury Vapour lighting

>From: "A M Moore" <andy at ascot_u-net.com>
>Subject: East, West & Olga

>I don`t doubt this, but, in my opinion we are so far behind with regard to
>planted tanks in the UK he probably only has half the knowledge of George
>Booth (whom I personally admire greatly).

I certainly go along with this. I'm a "Boothian" too.

>When I last spoke to John, they still did not have any, what I call, decent
>lights for a deepish tank. I was thinking along the lines of 5500-6500K
>Metal Halide lighting. He did have some Mercury Vapour pendant lights in
>stock around 125Watt 4300K which is what I use - boy, I wish we had decent
>metal halides at sensible prices in the UK.

Interesting you should say this. I've always wished that we had Mercury
Vapour set-ups here. Can't get them except at great hassle and expense.
John talked as if they were wonderful lighting systmes and I admit they've
always looked pretty nice to me... as long as you can have an open top
tank. What's wrong with the Mercury Vapour? What don't you like about it?
Perhaps you could send MV set-ups here and I could ship you MH stuff??

>John is however a very interesting guy and could `talk the hind legs off a

Uh ...yeah... ...(Gee do I detect a ripple in the force?) <g>

>Thats all for now from a very lonely (from a planted tank enthusiast point
>of view) Brit !

Lonely... talk to me off list anytime (about aquatic plants... of course).

in Vancouver