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Re: Questions From A Lurker

>Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 20:18:43 -0700
>From: erdoz1 <erdoz1 at wt_net>
>2) Why do plant generally do poorly with undergravel filters (Anyone
>have a theory)?

Perhaps because people who use UGF are not yet very experienced and aren't
doing the right things. Plants would do poorly no matter what. We have
never had problems with UGF as long as the needs of the plants were taken
care of - correct light, CO2, trace elements. "Plants don't do well with an
UGF" is a myth. Check my web page for photos of plants growing with and
without UGF. Not much difference. 

>4) Are people who are replacing > 25% of the tanks water weekly also
>adding back trace minerals at the same time?

Of course. Plants don't grow by magic!

>6) Living with Plecos - I have 3 large (>14") plecos in my planted 135
>gallon.   Getting rid of them is not an option since my kids and wife
>are very fond of them.  They tend to shred the amazon leaves -  anyone
>have an idea on how to appease them so they will leave the amzons

Find some nice plastic amazon swords. They will look better than the
shredded ones. Do you have driftwood in the tank? Plecos need cellulose
(sp?). Perhaps if they had some wood, they would leave the plants alone.


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