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Re: When West is East

Don't mean to be too much off topic but was a little touched by Olga's
comment on California water.  Yes it doesn't rain a lot here in SoCal...over
300 sunny days a year (which is why Hollywood loves to film here)...but what
people don't realize is that 85% of the water not used for the environment
the goes to agriculture....have you eaten lettuce lately? or strawberries? I
can almost guarantee you it came from California...almost the entire
lettuce, artichoke, asparagus, tomato, cucumber, pistachios, almonds and
many other "cold" crops that feed America and the world (yes, Canada too)
come primarily from California.  It's likely your wine, cheese, and rice you
eat also comes from California.  And SoCal leads the nation in recycling
water supplies all the way from terciary treatment to reverse osmosis.   Our
population has increased thirty percent over the last several decades but
our water supplies have actually decreased or remained the same.  I believe
other fast growing metropolitan regions such as Denver and Las Vegas will
face a harsher dilemna in the future than we will

Yes the Colorado River water supply is a bit saline...(almost 750
mg/L)...and  not perfect for most tropical plants and fish...unless you
prefer african cichlids and valisneria.